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Some of our wedding photographers share their wisdom on wedding album design, visual storytelling and the effortless approach to selling photo prints.

This post celebrates the launch of our new Flush Mount Albums, a format that has become increasingly popular with wedding photographers over the past few years. During that time we’ve tested all possible printers, papers and binding options so we can now offer an Australian made inkjet-printed, Cotton Rag album to archival and world-class standards. Not all photographers include an album in their package because they don’t have the time or skills to design them, so we’ve curated a gallery of stunning examples and some words of wisdom to inspire your imagination and sales pitch.


James Simmons

Put an album in their hands

We love the cruisy approach James takes to selling a wedding album. While digital files are a part of his base package, whenever a new couple arrives at his studio he puts an album in their hands while he goes off to make them a drink. If they enjoy the experience and appreciate print the album sells itself.* If people are tight on budget or not sure about prints, he reminds them that the traditional First Year Anniversary gift is paper.

He also likes to keep his album designs and the design process simple so he outsources it to Renee Blake Design. This is a smart move if you’re not familiar with publication design – as photographers are primarily skilled in composition within the frame of a photo, while graphic designers are skilled in composing within the frame of a page, and laying out images across a series of pages.

In keeping with his enjoyment of real and simple pleasures in life, James ensures that the arrival of an album is an experience too. Aware that the excitement of opening a gift is universal, he wraps his albums “in brown paper, ties some twine around it, places it in a kraft box filled with shredded paper and a Thank You card, then tops it off with some Rosemary and Kangaroo Paw from our garden.” A truly personal touch.

For customers who buy a digital-only package he strategically includes “some prints so they can see the quality. It helps them appreciate the value of printed photographs and also gives them something to compare with if they get cheap ones done.”

View Chad + Jaemi’s wedding album

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.39.26 am


Zoe Morley Photography

Present their real-life love story like a movie

A great wedding album makes people want to keep turning the pages and inspires a genuine emotional response, a bit like a great movie. Sydney-based photographer Zoe Morley achieves this in her album Jack and Eyvette by sequencing a variety of portrait and landscape oriented photos, shot from different perspectives and distances, and ensuring a good balance of people, place and object shots.

Just like a movie, she sets the scene with panoramic and wide angle location shots of the misty mountain ranges then crops in tighter as we approach the reception venue. In the bride’s room the camera gets even closer, reflecting the intimacy of the relationships between the bride, her mother and bridesmaids. By combining unposed observational shots of human interactions with close ups of the wedding dress, bouquet and ring, we learn more about the bride, the pages look more interesting and the drama builds.

After the climax of being announced husband and wife the tone of the album changes dramatically. The imagery is more stylised and minimalist, creating a strong visual contrast to the preceding pages. The aesthetic and emotional importance of the newlywed photos is acknowledged by featuring only one photo per page or spread, then as the narrative progresses the pages become busier with a shift of focus to family and guests.

View Jack and Eyvette’s wedding album

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.38.44 am


The Beautiful Collective

Capture their spirit and the spirit of their day

The Beautiful Collective is a collaboration between two experienced wedding photographers who’ve tied the knot themselves. They’re passionate about giving their bride and groom a product that is meaningful and futureproof, and pragmatic about running their business on a model that doesn’t involve shooting 60 weddings a year.

Albums are a high margin product and their main package includes an album with a minimum number of sides. Their most popular product is a 12″ x 12″ album with an embossed cloth cover and 40-45 spreads and they don’t have trouble selling them because they advise their clients that prints are the best way to preserve their wedding memories.

Haley and Darren understand the emotional value attached to particular images and ensure they’re always included in the album, like the moment the groom sees his bride, the congratulatory hug between father and son. These are the golden moments that show the family’s bond and make them cry. They feel that their most important task is to tell the story of the day by capturing all the important moments and all the important people.

If you’re looking for photography and design inspiration, The Beautiful Collective enjoy visiting galleries and scanning lifestyle magazines including The Collective, Kinfolk, Frankie and Cereal.

View Amber & Dan’s wedding album

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Lara Hotz Photography

Lara is a wedding photographer and visual storyteller based in Sydney. She aims to document each wedding story as it unfolds in a natural and unobtrusive way. Most importantly she gets to know the couple so they feel comfortable, act naturally and have fun in front of the camera, so she can provide them with images that reflect exactly who they are. She does this beautifully in the wedding album for Emily & Ed.

View Emily & Ed’s wedding album

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.36.48 am


Photography by Dan O’Day

When Lara got married she called on another artist-photographer Dan O’Day to capture their day and the combination of Dan’s photography with Lara’s design is stunning, as you’ll see below.  Dan is in great demand shooting weddings all around the world and will be sharing his wedding business wisdom on Monday 1 August at the Capture Masterclass.  Get tickets here.

View Lara & Cass’ wedding album

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.37.47 am


We hope this has inspired you to do your photography justice and your client the honour of presenting their special day in print, and if you’re on the look out for more business we dare you to contact past clients who purchased a digital-only package and see if they need you to layout their album. We bet they do!


* Genius! If that approach works for you check out our 40% discount on five display products a year. People buy what they see.

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