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Print is not dead, and these bespoke corporate publications prove that print can often be a more appropriate and influential format for promotional activities than digital, as long as the individual elements – paper, binding, cover and finishes – are suitable for the purpose of the book and the brand’s values.

Photo books can be used for all kinds of purposes and one application we see more of as the year draws to a close is bespoke publications for corporate promotions. In this blog we look at three examples created for The Woolmark Company, Sony and ENGIE. Each project had its unique brand values and marketing objectives to achieve, which was clearly reflected in the materials they chose to use. Read on to find out why they selected particular sizes, papers and finishes, and the effect they had on the book.

The Woolmark Company

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The Woolmark Company book was produced as a high-end pitch document, in a limited edition.  In keeping with the brand’s personality, they selected materials that were classic and elegant. It was no surprise that instead of a printed cover, they opted for a tactile Navy Linen material embossed with their logo. The cover is simple but the white foil stands out against the dark background, making their iconic brand immediately identifiable.

For the inside they chose Lay-flat pages with a matte laminate finish. The hinged pages sit flush and do justice to the professional photography, and page designs by SansSerif, while the thickness of the paper distinguishes the book from a promotional catalogue or flier, giving the impression that it is a print for keeping not throwing away.  The combination of elements results in a premium product that distinctly reflects Woolmark’s luxury brand values.

Watch a video of the books being produced in our bindery below.


Hazelwood Power Station and Mine

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This book was commissioned by the ENGIE executive team as a tribute to the hundreds of men and women who dedicated their working lives to Hazelwood Power Station and Mine from 1964 to 2017. It is an important historical record that presents details of the construction and operation of the mine and power station, with past and present photographs, original documents and technical information alongside statements from personnel.

Aware that this was the kind of book that would be well-handled and possibly handed down to the next generation, the creative team chose a matte laminated dust-jacket for extra protection, and featured a full wrap panorama of the Hazelwood site on the cover. In this case, the photo cover clearly signals the content you’ll find in the book and, from a practical perspective, makes it easier to identify on a bookshelf.

Hundreds of copies were gifted to departing staff, at the closing of the mine earlier this year, and the positive response resulted in requests from past employees and Latrobe Valley community members for copies too.  Subsequently the book was listed in Momento Shop, so that the public could buy the book too (at no profit). Take a look or buy your own piece of Australian history here.

Sony RX Series

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Sony Australia produced this short book run to educate sales staff and customers on the Sony Cybershot RX camera series. They printed an edition of 100 copies, that were distributed to retail stores so that sales representatives and customers could easily learn the features of each model and the best camera settings to use for capturing particular types of photos.

While the Woolmark and Hazelwood projects required larger books, as they ended up in the hands and homes of customers, the Sony books were meant for instore use only, so a small landscape size was sufficient. To withstand heavy handling they chose to print on durable Lustre 190 paper, that was section-sewn then covered in a smart but strong black buckram featuring bronze lettering. Sony confirmed that the response has been positive, with some customers even asking for a copy to take home! View the pages here.

Print is not dead

Many commentators in the world of photography, publishing and design agree that print is far from dead, and these three books prove that a publication can often be a more influential and appropriate format for promotional activities than digital. If you do choose to promote your business, products or services in the form of a book, select your finishes carefully so that they are suitable for the purpose of the book and your brand’s values. If you feel inspired to produce your own corporate annual or portfolio, find out more about all our print, paper and binding options at Momento Pro.


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