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This blog post is inspired by two facts: 1. Print is the only photo format guaranteed to be accessible in generations to come, and; 2. People buy what they see. Read on to learn how easy it can be to sell albums to your wedding and portrait clients, and what the best samples to present to them are.

Any printed product will be accessible for longer than any digital file, and it’s important to educate your clients on this fact, so they can keep their personal photos ‘forever’ too. Maybe you’ll have a file in 50 years, but will you have the medium to read and display it? By advising them of the permanence of print you are helping them, and your album sales.

Even more important than facts on paper, ink and preservation however is the existence of sample albums, because people buy what they see. If you want to sell albums to wedding and portrait customers easily and effectively just show them what you want them to buy. To make that simple and affordable we offer photographers who on-sell books or albums, five Studio Display products at 40% off each year.

To help you figure the best five products to print each year, you can order a Swatch Box that includes our 40 cover materials and 12 paper stocks, so you can touch and feel them, as the tactile factor is also hugely influential in the client’s decision making.

Swatch boxes can be covered in your choice of material, starting at $35.00 for a Classic Buckram cover (inc GST, ex delivery). They’re designed so you can remove and rearrange materials so you only need show clients the options you plan to offer. Don’t show the whole range as they’ll be overwhelmed with choice, instead curate a selection that suits your brand, as well as your clients’ style and budget.

A Swatch Box will also make it easier for you to decide what papers and materials to choose for your display albums. Here are our recommendations for a range that works for low, mid and extra healthy budgets, considering that people can ‘imagine’ products of lower quality, while showing them the ‘ultimate’ quality means they’re more likely to buy it.

Product RRP 40% Discount
10″ Flush Mount Album w/ 40 x 0.6mm spreads + linen cover + logo emboss $735.00 $441.00
10″ Clamshell Box w/ linen cover + logo emboss $145.00 $87.00
Swatch Box w/ classic cover $35.00 N/A
Custom Emboss Stamp w/ your logo up to 120 x 120mm $120.00 N/A
250 x Regular Promo Cards, to promote + grow your business $90.00 N/A

Find out more about the specifications of our Flush Mount Albums here, and see how our customers use them here.


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