Leica Q limited edition by Jesse Marlow

Momento Pro was honoured to produce a custom book for Jesse Marlow and Leica, to package with the Leica Q limited edition camera launched in early 2018. Both of which are now sold out!

If you want a book that’s truly unique you can go off grid and produce a totally custom edition, with non-standard sizing, cover material, binding styles, paper and packaging. Be aware though that you have expensive taste, and we’ll need a tad more time to do some tests to ensure that the everything meets our high quality expectations!

Earlier this year we were honoured to produce a limited edition for photographer Jesse Marlow titled Anything Can Happen and Probably Will.  Jesse is an internationally awarded street photographer who has published numerous books including, Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them, with Melbourne independent art book publisher M.33.

Last year he was asked to produce a book for the launch of the Leica Q Typ 116 Australia Edition camera series. Only 30 units of the $7,000 camera were produced and each was sold with a copy of Jesse’s book, appropriately limited to an edition of 30.

Jesse + Camera

Marlow worked closely with experienced book designer, and artist, Elliott Bryce Foulkes, who was crucial to the process and concept.


The book has a contemporary look and feel with its raw board cover, flush page edges, exposed linen spine and bold white custom emboss.

_DSC7392Slip cases are not a standard Momento Pro product but for orders of 25+ copies we can produce custom products. The slip case completed the limited edition package by giving the book a unique finish, an extra splash of colour and more protection.


While the run was limited to 30 signed and numbered books, Marlow and Foulkes wanted every copy to be personalised, so each book spine and box cover was finished in different, contrasting linen colours.  The colours selected were bright and bold to match the tones found in Jesse’s imagery.


Every book and box set was carefully quality checked then paired up by our Volume Order Managers, Geri and Lisa, prior to dispatch.


We’re delighted to report that the camera and book limited editions are now completely sold out, but you can treat yourself to a flick through the full book here.


If this has inspired you to embark on your own bespoke publication, view the Momento Pro product range here, and get in touch with our Volume Order Manager Lisa Ryman in Australia, or Jackie Lentell in New Zealand.

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Photo credit: Thanks to Kristian Dowling for the photo of Jesse


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  1. how do you flick through the book???


  2. Hey Alan – it’s a ‘virtual’ flick. Just click the link to see a digital version 🙂


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