How to video albums for your promotions

Help people fall in love with your products by showing them videos that present the album or book features. We’ve filmed one for you to use and also provided a quick guide on how to create a product video.

One way to help people fall in love with your photo products is to show them videos that highlight their beauty, their unique features and craftsmanship. To make that easy, we’ve filmed this one for you. The creator is Kiwi wedding and commercial photographer, David Le, and he’s allowing us to make it available to Momento Pro customers to use in your album promotions – until you create your own video of course!

We started following David’s Insta feed when he became a customer and quickly realised he was a master of design and video. His imagery was so good we asked if we could use it and make it available for you to use too. He kindly obliged. He also agreed to share his top tips on how you can produce a video of your own album and book products – which makes much more sense for your promotions.

New Zealand Wedding Photographer

So who is David Le?

A wedding and commercial photographer based in the Central North Island of New Zealand. I shot my first wedding in 2013 but took it seriously and made it my vocation since midway through 2017. I keep busy shooting around 40 weddings a year.

My previous incarnation was a graphic designer in commercial and print media, so I’m big fan of print and love it when clients add albums to their package. It’s a great way to create another revenue stream on top of just shooting and can easily bring in another $25,000 or more revenue a year.


What are your top 3 styling tips?

Use props to create visual interest and layers within the scene. Make use of complimentary or contrasting colours and most importantly don’t over style! You want the album to be the focus and don’t want the viewers to be distracted by whatever is in the background.

Best lighting conditions?

It totally depends on your situation. If you’re new to shooting video just keep things simple and shoot with some nice diffused natural light. If you’re more experienced and have the equipment, a key light and a fill light are great, as they’ll keep the lighting conditions constant throughout the shoot and can be replicated again.


Best camera settings?

I mainly shoot with two set ups. 25 frames per second for the majority of filming, and 50 frames per second for anything I want to capture in slow motion – I keep it simple. When shooting overhead or flat-lay style, I shoot with at a higher F-Stop to make sure there’s a greater depth of field.

Handheld, tripod or gimbal?

I use a combination of tripod and handheld for my work. I utilise my cameras in body stabilisation and just use slow smooth movements to minimise any camera shake. In post production, I may also add a little warp stabiliser or motion zoom to smooth out or mimic a desired effect.


Frames, angles, perspectives?

For a photo book or album product overview, an overhead flat-lay shot is always the best angle if don’t want to over complicate things. If you want to create a bit more engaging, capture detail shots of the spine, gutter, corners, edges and paper to cut in with footage of the double page spreads or of someone turning the pages. This gives the viewer more insight into the features of the album and more visual interest.

Sequencing, transitions, timing?

Transitions are cool to float between each frame or scene but don’t overdo it! The album or the book has to remain the hero of the video. As to timing, figure out the beat of your music and transition in time with it. The film should flow with the music.

Given that we live in the age of short attention spans, keep your videos short sharp and punchy to keep the viewers engaged. 15-60 seconds is plenty of time for a product overview.


Music or soundtrack source?

Premiere Pro has a bunch of generic music tracks available but if you want to invest in something a bit different, Musicbed and Premium Beat have a huge catalog, with different kinds of licenses depending on your project needs. Even YouTube has a built in audio library.

I prefer a soundtrack without vocals, as it’s moodier, less distracting, and it’s likely your viewers won’t recognise it. Some might be put off by a track they recognise but don’t like!

Video editing tools?

I use Premiere Pro to create my short album and promo films. It’s easy and straightforward and theres’s a ton of How To tutorials on YouTube for you to learn or refer to if you ever get stuck or need to find out how to do something specific.

Momento Pro Flush Mount Album by David Le Photography by David Le |

Why offer clients photo books & albums?

I began my career as graphic designer working for magazines and print publications so I’m big fan of print and love it when my clients add an album to their package. It’s also a great revenue stream for the business, beyond just being paid to shoot. It easily brings me another $20,000 to 25,000+ in income every year.


Download the video

The video above is available for Momento Pro customers to use for free, in their online, social and showroom promotions. Download it now on the Promotional Content page, where you’ll also find photographs and text you can also use.


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