The lifetime joy of printed photos

We often forget that photos become more valuable as we age. This photo essay featuring Nonna Connie and her photo collection is a reminder that we should print out what we care about, as photo prints may be your most precious belongings when loved ones are no longer with you.

This is a photo essay that will make your heart melt, and will hopefully inspire you and your clients to print the photos that you care about so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

“Connie is living testament that we should hold photographs in our hands and celebrate them for as long as we breathe.” – The Beautiful Collective

These photos of Nonna Connie prove why you and your clients deserve printed photos that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, rather than just digital files viewed on screen for a few fleeting moments.

Connie is 90 years young and her wedding was 67 years ago. Last year her granddaughter’s wedding was photographed by The Beautiful Collective. Connie realised they all shared a passion for photo memories so she invited them over for limoncello and a walk down memory lane.

She frocked up and walked them through her home, pointing out photos of her parents, her childhood, her husband and her children – telling many stories of their life together.

She also reminisced about how wonderful she felt putting on her gown and walking down the aisle to marry her beloved, but now departed, Giuseppe. The one photo she has from their wedding day is her most precious belonging as it helps to keep his spirit alive.

Everyone should be able to relive the magic moments from their life with their grandchildren, even their great grandchildren. Photographs are some of the best windows to the past, and print is still the only photo format guaranteed to last for decades and centuries to come.

So give memories a chance by preserving them in photo books or albums. Your clients may not realise how important photo prints are right now, but you could always remind them that nothing stays the same, and tell them about Nonna Connie and her beloved Giuseppe.

Thanks Connie, Cristina and The Beautiful Collective for allowing us to share your story.

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