Wedding albums are better than French Fries

Learn how to design and sell wedding albums at The Album Atelier workshop in Sydney, 24 and 25 June 2017, to increase your profit, reduce your work hours and provide a lasting record that your couples deserve.

While many may prefer the family slide night to remain a thing of the past, it’s rare to find people who don’t enjoy flicking through the wedding album of their parents or grandparents to see how they scrubbed up on their special day.  It wasn’t until the arrival of the digital camera that albums were relegated to the status of ‘french fries’ in wedding photography packages, and the upcoming Album Atelier workshop may help reinstate the album to ‘essential’ if your mission is to generate profit, reduce work hours and provide a record that will last for generations.

The creator of the workshop, Milton Gan, began his career as a marketer in the advertising industry.  Six years ago he changed tack and set up a Sydney-based wedding photography business, which he runs with his wife, Amy.  From day one his objective was to do more than simply ‘capture’ photos, he was passionate about offering a printed product that presented his photography in the best light, and gave couples something to hold onto that would outlast digital media, and they could pass onto the next generation.

Milton regularly asked colleagues and peers for advice, and was asked questions in return. He discovered that the area most wanted to improve in was album sales and design. This inspired him to create The Album Atelier workshop, for photographers wanting to learn strategies for successful sales, efficient album design and a better balance in life.

Atelier is the French word for “workshop” or “studio,” and is commonly used to describe the workspace of master artists, artisans or designers. It also reflects the calibre of the venue and speakers for this event. The 9 hour workshop will be hosted at the elegant Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills, where the restored movie theatre allows for only 50 guests each day on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June.

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“There’s no one solution that fits all wedding photographers,” says Gan, “because everyone prices and sells differently based on whether they’re a part timer, a wedding destination photographer, they run a home studio or they’re part of a collective, so it was important to invite a range of speakers to give insight into different approaches.”

Milton has curated an A-Team of speakers experienced in album design and marketing including: AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016, Dan O’Day, who is also sure to entertain; professional album designer, Renee Blake, who transforms images into beautifully sequenced visual narratives; and photographer- storyteller Lara Hotz, who is a passionate album designer. Lara will demonstrate the ease and versatility of Pixellu’s Smart Albums software, that has revolutionised the workflow of many photographers.

Participants will also observe real-time consultations from the masters of Fundy software and album sales, Haley Richardson and Darren Van De Wint of The Beautiful Collective, then move into small groups to practice selling to each other in the safety of like-minded photographers who all find the process a bit nerve wracking.

Momento Pro is proud to be the major sponsor of the workshop, and founders Geoff and Libby will be there to share tips on how to prepare files for perfect colour, and to make suggestions on papers and finishes for different client budgets and styles. They’ll also prove why album design is best done by photographers rather than wedding couples!

Milton will also present and build on this advice:

“We manage expectations right from the start, from the first moment clients visit our website or see our price list. In our first call and first meeting we make it clear that albums are part of our packages, that a basic album comes with 20 pages/40 leaves, but they can expect to buy more pages, as most couples do.

We also display four styles of albums so clients can see the difference, and fall in love with the papers and fabrics. We don’t push them toward the most expensive option, we just show them the range so they can choose the one that feels right for them.”

To return to the McDonalds metaphor* we love how Milton views the album as the main meal rather than side dish! He doesn’t need to up-sell clients to an album because its simply a part of the package. He sees his roles as a photographer, curator and storyteller, and therefore offers a full service from capture through to selection, layout and print. His focus is on the final product rather than the hours for the shoot, saving himself uncomfortable sales pitches and providing couples with the product they truly deserve.

Head to if you want more wedding album enlightenment and make sure you register by 31 May if you want to get $200 off your ticket and be in the running for an exclusive Momento Pro Starter Kit valued at $1200. Payment plans available by emailing for more information.

* It seems appropriate that we should also refer to presentation boxes as the Apple Pie!

APPA Photography Book Awards 2016

Geiko & Maiko of Kyoto by Robert van Koesveld won the AIPP APPA Photography Book Award 2015 and entries are now open until 11 August for the 2016 Awards. Enter now.


Geiko & Maiko of Kyoto by West Australian photographer Robert van Koesveld won the Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s APPA Photography Book Award 2015, and entries are now open again for the 2016 Awards but only until 11 August.

This photo book presents a series of portraits of geisha in a stunning design that incorporates patterns lifted directly from their exquisite costumes, along with complementary images and information about the cultural rituals and service network that allows the art form to live on.


The rise of New Zealand photobooks

The inaugural Photobook New Zealand Festival 2016 and NZ Photobook of the Year Awards 2015 brought together photographers, designers and publishers, and showcased their work to the growing local and international photo book loving community.

Photobook festivals and fairs are now such a fixture of the international photography scene that one could spend their whole year trekking to an event in a different country every week. In March this year, New Zealand, joined the circuit when it hosted  the inaugural Photobook New Zealand festival from 11-13 March at Massey University, Wellington. The event was co-presented by a group of Photoforum NZ affiliates with Momento Pro sponsorship, and established and emerging photographers came out in droves, confirming that the production of photo books is alive and well in Aotearoa.


Sam Harris: The End, the Beginning and the Middle of Somewhere

West Australian based photographer Sam Harris independently published his photo book, “The Middle Of Somewhere” with Ceiba Foto. It won multiple awards including the Australian Photobook of the Year 2015 People’s Choice Award. This blog post outlines Sam’s experience with self publishing and trade publishing a photography book.

The End refers to the end of Sam’s career as a commercial photographer in London, the Beginning to his new life free from a regular day job, to fatherhood, and a 12-year journey through India to Western Australia. And the Middle refers to The Middle of Somewhere, Sam’s personal photo project that grew into an independently published book that won multiple awards including a Lucie Award 2015, and most recently the People’s Choice for the Australian Photobook of the Year Awards 2015.