5 things you should be focusing on in your photography business now

Katie Kolenberg of Heartstory, Australia’s most-awarded family portrait photography studio, outlines 5 strategies you should use in your portrait business now and the reasons why.

This includes the benefits of partnerships, collaborations, and support networks; how to optimise your workflow, how to deliver first class client service; as well as expanding your marketing activities to attract more valuable leads and sales.

Katie and Jeremy are Heartstory Photography, one of Australia’s most-awarded family portrait photography studios. In their guest blog below, they discuss five strategies you should be focusing on in your portrait business right now:

  1. Build community
  2. Call in support
  3. Tweak your systems
  4. Take care of your current clients
  5. Diversify your marketing

Start your journey today by working on these activities, and delve deeper by:


‘Interview With A Cockatoo (Or Two)’ by Leila Jeffreys

When publishers didn’t take up the offer to produce her bird book, Australian fine-art photographer Leila Jeffreys decided to go it alone and self publish with Momento Pro. She felt that a photo book was an affordable format for her fans that didn’t diminish the value of her fine art prints.


Leila Jeffreys is one of a few Australian photographers who is equally adored by fine art collectors as she is by creatives, stylists and the general public. Her striking bird portrait series have universal appeal, and we were delighted to help her produce her first photo book, Interview With A Cockatoo (Or Two). Read on to find out why she self published and what contributed to the books success.