5 things you should be focusing on in your photography business now

Katie Kolenberg of Heartstory, Australia’s most-awarded family portrait photography studio, outlines 5 strategies you should use in your portrait business now and the reasons why.

This includes the benefits of partnerships, collaborations, and support networks; how to optimise your workflow, how to deliver first class client service; as well as expanding your marketing activities to attract more valuable leads and sales.

Katie and Jeremy are Heartstory Photography, one of Australia’s most-awarded family portrait photography studios. In their guest blog below, they discuss five strategies you should be focusing on in your portrait business right now:

  1. Build community
  2. Call in support
  3. Tweak your systems
  4. Take care of your current clients
  5. Diversify your marketing

Start your journey today by working on these activities, and delve deeper by:


The lifetime joy of printed photos

We often forget that photos become more valuable as we age. This photo essay featuring Nonna Connie and her photo collection is a reminder that we should print out what we care about, as photo prints may be your most precious belongings when loved ones are no longer with you.

This is a photo essay that will make your heart melt, and will hopefully inspire you and your clients to print the photos that you care about so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

“Connie is living testament that we should hold photographs in our hands and celebrate them for as long as we breathe.” – The Beautiful Collective


The art of product & lifestyle photography

Inspire wedding and portrait photography clients to buy photo books and albums with stunning product photography. This blog post explains how to capture your product’s handcrafted features, and style the scene for maximum effect.

A well considered and captured photograph can mean the difference between someone looking at your website or having them sail right by. You’ve only got a split second to grab their attention, so in this blog post we ask Michelle and Hemi Phillips from Patina Photo how to shoot lifestyle and product photos that make people stop and want to look again.


How to video albums for your promotions

Help people fall in love with your products by showing them videos that present the album or book features. We’ve filmed one for you to use and also provided a quick guide on how to create a product video.

One way to help people fall in love with your photo products is to show them videos that highlight their beauty, their unique features and craftsmanship. To make that easy, we’ve filmed this one for you. The creator is Kiwi wedding and commercial photographer, David Le, and he’s allowing us to make it available to Momento Pro customers to use in your album promotions – until you create your own video of course!